Kim Flottum Death: Medina OH, Retired Bee Culture Magazine Editor died

Kim Flottum Death
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Kim Flottum Death: 76-year-old Kim Flottum, the retired Bee Culture Magazine Editor has sadly passed away. Kim Flottum, the author of “Top-Bar Beekeeping” was announced dead this morning. He died after a way too short battle with cancer. Kim left behind a legacy enriched with kindness, passion for beekeeping, and a deep love for nature, particularly his garden.

Who was Peter Kim Flottum?

Following her graduation from the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a degree in horticulture, Kim Flottum devoted four years to the study of pollination ecology at the USDA Honey Bee Research Lab.

After this, he devoted two years to the cultivation of vast fields of fruits and vegetables, where bees played an essential part in the process. Kim was a unique man who seldom talked badly and found delight in his work with both bees and people.

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