Kidus Getnet Death: Sioux Falls, SD, injured in car accident

Obituary & Funeral
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Kidus Getnet Obituary: Kidus Getnet, a Sioux Falls teenager was killed and another teenager was seriously injured after a car accident in eastern Sioux Falls on Saturday morning. He was 16 years old. The incident happened at 26th and Bahnson Ave. about 3 a.m.

A 2015 Ford Fusion was traveling north on Bahnson Ave. A witness reported seeing the car rush through the junction after running a red light. After hitting a tree, the car overturned. Getnet, the passenger was pronounced dead at the site. The driver, 15, was transported to the hospital with injuries that posed a serious risk to his life. The 3500 block of S. Gateway Blvd. in western Sioux Falls is where the vehicle was stolen. The keys were still inside the car.

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