Khloe Jada Gaspar Death: Immokalee FL died at age 13

Khloe Jada Gaspar
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Khloe Jada Gaspar Obituary, Cause Of Death: Family and friends have taken to social media to mourn the death of Khloe Jada Gaspar who passed away recently. She died on Tuesday 24th October 2023 at the age of 13 leaving family and friends devastated. She was confirmed dead through a Facebook post that reads “This hurts this makes it so real as I read this but What will overcome my sadness is that she knows Jesus Christ, This is my husband’s cousin’s daughter who we consider as our niece, Love you mama our sweet Khloé”. The cause of her death is unknown.

Who was Khloe Jada Gaspar?

Khloe has maintained her grounded and personable demeanor despite her outstanding academic performance and great involvement in extracurricular activities. She was always willing to assist her peers in their academic attempts or offer words of encouragement when they were going through difficult times. Her instructors frequently compliment her on her genuine kindness and her readiness to assist her students, pointing out that her compassionate approach has contributed to the development of a friendly and welcoming atmosphere inside the classroom.

Khloe Jada Gaspar GoFundMe

On Wednesday, the 25th of October 2023, Tomas Miguel established a GoFundMe account to provide the family of the deceased with some financial support while they are going through this difficult time in their lives. The total amount that has been raised so far through the campaign is $1,510, with the largest donation being $400. The goal of the fundraiser was set to raise the sum of $12,000, so far 18 donations have been made to the account.

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