Kelly-Amber Koopman, 12-year-old, Wesbank girl shot dead in shooting

Kelly-Amber Koopman
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A 12-year-old girl from Wesbank has died after gunmen allegedly opened fire on a group of children during load shedding on Sunday night.

The hartseer mother of Kelly-Amber Koopman says she could not believe her eyes as she watched her first-born child being declared dead in Ou Plaas Street.

Mom Undean, 37, says: “Kelly lives with her ouma and we live on the other side [of Wesbank]. I was at home when people came running and screaming that Kelly was shot.

“The load shedding started just after 10 pm and she was sitting with a group of friends. They are all youngsters and at school, and they just shot them. When I got there, they told me she didn’t make it. I could not believe it as they said they were declaring her dead.”

Undean says while standing at the crime scene, she was informed that her daughter, a Grade 7 learner from Wesbank No.1 Primary School, had been shot in the head.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk confirmed the incident and says Mfuleni police are now investigating a murder and two attempted murder cases after two boys, aged 15 and 17, were also injured in the shooting.

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