Kechaud Johnson Obituary: Dallas, TX, skateboarder died in an accident at 36

Kechaud Johnson Obituary
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Kechaud Johnson Death – Kechaud Johnson, a professional skateboarder and Youth Mentor from Dallas, Texas, has passed away leaving his family and friends. He was 36 years old. Johnson was said to have died unexpectedly in an accident, the nature of the accident is yet to be confirmed by the members of our team at the time of this publication.

Kechaud was an amazing skateboarder and a great human being who always light up and room or skate park with the smile he always had on even in the worst times. He was a great mentor to many and was not afraid to help anyone seeking to get better at skateboarding. He was truly a teacher at heart who loved spreading knowledge. Legends never die and Kechauds name will forever stay alive in the streets of Dallas and in hearts.

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