Karina Coser Accident: Karina Coser’s Husband Jhony Xiao Fong died

Karina Coser Accident
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Karina Coser Accident: A tragic incident occurred in Bali, Indonesia when the husband of a well-known cosplayer lost his life to a rogue wave. The couple was on a trip to celebrate their husband’s birthday.

Apparently, the cosplayer couple had been on holiday in Bali when they were swept away by the waves while swimming at Batu Belig Beach. Karina was safely rescued, but Johnny was reportedly confirmed to have been deceased when they found his body the day after.

Both 34-year-old 仲尼Johnny (Xiao Fong Jhony, 黄小沣) and 30-year-old Ukranian cosplayer Karina Melnychuk have garnered plenty of followers over their years of being internet celebrities. 仲尼Johnny alone has over 5.4 million fans on Weibo. However, no one expected to lose him so soon at the age of 34.

According to Indonesian media, a couple, consisting of a Chinese man and a Ukrainian woman, had been washed away by huge waves at a restricted area of Batu Belig Beach on 7th November. They managed to rescue the woman immediately, but the man’s body was only found on 8th November in the morning, floating near Petitenget Beach.

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