Kamryn Harmon Obituary: Sam Houston High School basketball player died

Kamryn Harmon Obituary
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Kamryn Harmon Death: Sam Houston High School basketball player Kamryn Harmon of Lake Charles, Louisiana has sadly passed away. She died after a tragic accident on Sunday 15th October 2023 leaving her family, friends and the entirety of her school devastated. She confirmed dead through a post that says “Please pray for the Sam Houston faculty, staff, and students. As we step into what should be the most exciting week of the year, homecoming week, we unfortunately have to carry the news of the passing of a student, Kamryn Harmon”.

Who was Kamryn Harmon?

Kamryn Harmon, a rising star in the competitive world of high school basketball, has not only drawn attention for her exceptional athletic abilities but has also captured the hearts of fans and peers alike with her extraordinary personality. Beyond her dexterous dribbling and remarkable three-pointers, her remarkable character set her apart from the rest. At first glance, Kamryn Harmon’s on-court presence was defined by an unmistakable intensity that translates into her relentless drive to succeed.

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