Kallista Fisher Death: Willard MO, Willard High School Senior died

Kallista Fisher Death
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Kallista Fisher Death – Kallista Fisher, a resident of Willard, Missouri and a Senior at Willard High School has tragically passed away. She was 17 years old at the time of her death. She was announced dead through a social media publication that read “I’m living every parent’s worst nightmare. I don’t even know how to go forward in life right now. No parent should have to bury their child. Life is not fair. Kallista Fisher I love you so much & miss you with all my heart.”

What was Kallista Fisher’s cause of death?

A bus from the Willard School District was involved in a deadly three-vehicle incident that is being looked into by the Missouri Highway Patrol. Kallista Fisher, 17, was reported dead by the police in the collision, while two other drivers were hurt. Leaders of the Willard School District state that no children were aboard the bus when it crashed. According to the authorities, the collision occurred on State Highway 266 on Thursday night.

The SUV entered the route of the westbound school bus after pulling out of a Dollar General parking lot, according to investigators. The school bus driver was forced to over the center line as a result of the incident, and he or she collided head-on with the adolescent driver of a pickup truck. At the scene, Fisher was pronounced dead. A utility pole was also struck by the school bus. According to troopers, the collision is still being looked into.

Who was Kallista Fisher?

Kallista Fisher was a resident of Willard, Missouri and a Senior at Willard High School. She was a loving daughter to Vyctorya Bowen. For those who were lucky enough to have known her, her generosity, sense of humor, and wisdom left a lasting impact. She was a treasured presence in the lives of her family and friends.

To those who have been fortunate enough to encounter Kallista, she is regarded as a ray of hope that can ease the most troubled souls. Her unique and humorous nature charmed everyone in her vicinity. Many were impacted by her kind and personable demeanor, and she became an inspiration to everyone. She actually knew how to foster harmony; she had a natural ability to make everyone feel important and involved.

GoFundMe page organized by Jamie Nunez to raise $10,000 has raised the sum of $14,050 the at the time of this publication. The fundraising page read “The Fisher family has been struck with the worst kind of tragedy that any family can fathom. Kallista Fisher was a 17 year old Senior at Willard High School whose life here ended too soon. As the family processes their emotions, it is my hope that as family, friends, and community we can encourage them with love, prayers and financial assistance for the arrangements to properly put their precious child to rest. Please consider being a blessing to the Fisher family.”

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