Jules LeBlanc Car Accident: After she was struck by a vehicle in San Monica

Jules LeBlanc Car Accident

Jules LeBlanc Car Accident: Jules LeBlanc nears the “end of her recovery” after she was struck by a vehicle in San Monica.

On the evening of Saturday, July 23rd, while Jules LeBlanc and some of her friends were crossing a crosswalk in Santa Monica, she was struck by a hit-and-run drunk driver.

In a statement addressed to Jules’ followers, the driver who was believed to be under influence “flew” through a red light when he/she struck Jules.

Emergency services were called and the paramedics and firefighters were on the scene almost immediately, while SMPD quickly apprehended the drunk driver.

Jules sustained non-life-threatening injuries which included bloodied face and legs.

“For the past couple weeks, Jules has been resting and healing and is reaching the end of her recovery,” the statement read.

“Please use this incident as a reminder to drive carefully and drink responsibly at all times for the safety of others. If you are ever out drinking and need help getting home, please call a friend, family member, rideshare service, or non-emergency assistance number to get home in a safe manner. Driving drunk is never worth the risk. Stay safe.”

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