Joyce Wilson Nixon Obituary: Joyce Wilson Cause Of Death

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Joyce Wilson Obituary: The main singer of JWN BAND and the devoted wife of former football player Jeff Nixon, Joyce Wilson Nixon, passed away tragically. She passed away on Friday, September 1, 2023, shocking everyone who knew her.

Joyce Wilson Birth and Education

Joyce Nixon was born in the thriving city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she was raised. She was tenderly adopted by James and Edna Wilson and comes from a beautiful family.

Her father, who recently turned eighty-one, retired from US Steel after an incredible thirty-eight and a half years of devoted service. Her mother, Edna, a diligent nurse, has since passed away. Joyce is proud of her brother, Klettis Sloan, an honorable police officer in Atlanta, Georgia, in addition to her adopted family.

Her trip has also brought her into contact, albeit briefly, with her biological family. While her biological father, Ron Bassham, has found fulfillment in the local unions and politics, her biological mother, Joan Green, has remained distant from Joyce.

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