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Joshua Colley with Senior Year Cast

Who is the “Senior Year” Actor Joshua Colley?

Joshua Colley (born on January 20, 2002) is a 20 years old theatre artist and background singer who has done some significant work in the Hollywood industry. In 2022, he achieved a success milestone after his appearance as Yaz in a Netflix comedy-drama named “Senior Year.” In which he made his landing in the portrayal of Yaz alongside Avantika Vandanapu.

The film is based on Stephanie, a schoolgirl who falls into a coma due for 20 years after falling during her high school cheerleading performance. When she wakes up and realizes she has lost an essential part of her life, she develops a desire to continue living her high school life.

Colley has done a fantastic job in this movie, and every viewer praises him for his performance. You might have noticed Joshua playing as Tristan in “Sex Appeal,” a Talia Osteen romantic drama that aired on Hulu on January 14, 2022.


Joshua Colley with twin brother Cameron

Childhood, Family, and Education

On January 20, 2002, Joshua Robert Colley came (age 20 years) to the earth after taking birth with his twin brother Cameron at his parents’ house in New Port Richey, Florida. Yes, you heard right, in 2002, Joshua’s mother, Robbie Lynn Colley, and father, Brad, became parents of two kids.

Colley attended Broadway Theatre from an early age and participated in multiple musical dramas, and the person who always got his back was his mom. She always guided Joshua and showed him the right path.

We also discovered a couple of images from Joshua’s Instagram account, which show how engaged he has been in acting from such a young age.


Is Joshua Colley Gay

Is Joshua Colley Gay?

There are rumors about Colley’s sexuality hovering in the entertainment news world. According to those gossips, Joshua is gay. Some images that the actor recently posted on Instagram make people believe that Colley likes boys instead of girls.

It was necessary to know if this was true, so we started our research to find the truth. We checked all trusted sources and even scrolled through Joshua’s Instagram account to see any clues. We found no instance where the artist mentioned himself as gay even after searching thoroughly. It might not be suitable to comment on a person’s sexuality without knowing anything. SO we concluded that those rumors might be untrue.


Joshua Colley with Bella Thorne


The career of Colley in the acting industry started when he was a 12 years old kid. He was a theatre student when he got cast for the role of Chuck in a TV mini-series named “Keepin’ It Weird with Chuck Dart.” It was his first commercial project, and undoubtedly the young artist did very well.

In that year, he did a show named “Stage Door Divas” and a short movie titled “Make a Difference with the Kids of Broadway.” But the most significant project that he got in 2014 was as John Wellington in “Madam Secretary.” He also voiced the “Peter Rabbit” show’s Pig Robinson character.

Joshua Colley in Broadway Theatre

As he grew, his skills got polished, and one after another, he cleared auditions. From 2016 to 2020, he worked on multiple projects like “Maya & Marty,” “Harmonize Against Hunger,” and “Stars in the House. Colley is a rising star, and one day he will become a significant artist in the Hollywood industry.

Joshua Colley performing


Joshua Colley Q&A

Ques: Age of Joshua Colley?

Ans: The Florida-born actor is 20.

Ques: Who are Joshua Colley’s parents?

Ans: Brad Colley (father) and Robbie Lynn Colley (mother).

Ques: Height of Joshua Colley?

Ans: 5′ 5″ (1.65m).

Ques: Who played the role of Yaz in “Senior Year”?

Ans: Joshua Colley.

Ques: Is there any twin brother of Joshua Colley?

Ans: Yes, he has a twin sibling named Cameron.

Ques: Networth of Joshua Colley?

Ans: USD 208k.



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