Jenny Bess Hibbett Obituary: Mt. Juliet TN First Female Mayor has died

Jenny Bess Hibbett Obituary
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Jenny Bess Hibbett Obituary, Cause Of Death: Mt. Juliet TN First Female Mayor Jenny Bess Hibbett has sadly passed away. She died leaving family, friends, and her entire community devastated. She was confirmed dead through a post made on Sunday that says “Today, we pay respect with a deep sense of admiration to a lady who had a positive influence on thousands of lives. She positively touched many, as a school teacher, librarian, lover of children, storyteller, and politician. Wherever Ms Jennie Bess Hibbett went she left a fragrance of the fruits of the Spirit she possessed”. The cause of her death has not been known.

Jenny Bess Hibbett Career

Jennie Bess Hibbett’s impact was far-reaching, touching lives in a multitude of ways. Her roles as a dedicated educator, a nurturing librarian, a passionate advocate for children, a captivating storyteller, and an influential politician defined her legacy. Everywhere she ventured, she left behind an essence of the spiritual virtues she embodied, enriching the lives of those fortunate enough to have known her. Jennie’s unwavering determination and courage were evident in her valiant fight until her final days.

Her remarkable spirit has left an indelible mark, ensuring that her memory will endure for generations to come. Notably, her contributions to the establishment of MJCA in 1979 were instrumental, reflecting her commitment to founding a Christian school in collaboration with the First Baptist Church.

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