Jaymee Joaquin aka Jaymee Wins, died battling breast cancer at 44

Jaymee Joaquin Breast Cancer
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Jaymee Joaquin Breast Cancer: Former actress-host Jaymee Joaquin passed away on October 18, 2023, after her battle with breast cancer.

In the year 2016, Jaymee went to the doctor after discovering a lump in her left breast that was about the size of a marble. The lump was located in the area between her nipple and her armpit. She received treatment for her sickness, but it recurred in 2019 and then again in 2020 despite the medicine.

Who was Jaymee Joaquin?

Jaymee Joaquin was born on July 27, 1979, and was a Filipino actress, model, host, social media content creator, and author. She made a career in the Philippines as a TV and print commercial model during her younger years and ventured into events promotion and hosting on the side.

After years of auditioning in the modeling scene, she became a part of ABS-CBN Star Magic, an artist management firm owned by ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. Joaquin landed supporting roles in movies, soap operas, sitcoms, and various TV programs.

Jaymee Joaquin‘s Obituary and Funeral Arrangements will be released by the Family members.

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