Is Nadiya Hussain Married? Age, Children, A Look At Her Relationships

Nadiya Hussain is completely smitten with her husband, Abdal Hussain. Despite the fact that she keeps her marital life secret, her infrequent social media postings and interviews show her affection for her husband. For example, she used Instagram to commemorate her 16th wedding anniversary on August 22, 2021. “I married him 16 years ago because he had a great face and a decent career,” she sarcastically captioned the picture, which included an adorable photo of her and her boyfriend.

Similarly, in December 2018, she posted photos of them on Instagram, stating that they had remarried. “There’s nothing spectacular here, just love. There are no frills. We’re the only ones. We accomplished it once more. Yes, I do. I will always do so. I’d do it all over again “She scribbled in the caption. The first image from the presentation showed Nadiya’s husband holding her hand as she displayed her stunning ring. The others showed snippets of their court nuptials.

Arranged Marriage of Nadiya Hussain and Abdal

After their family prepared for the wedding, Nadiya and Abdal married in a traditional ceremony in Bangladesh in the summer of 2005. The author was just 20 years old at the time. She’d only met her spouse once before the wedding. She originally struggled to build a strong bond with her partner due to the arranged marriage.

Nadiya Hussain
Nadiya Hussain and her husband

“It’s difficult because you’re marrying a total stranger… We have to go through the good and the terrible in order to get to the other side “She wrote about it on her blog.  She went on to say that the marriage felt fantastic when they sought to understand one other. According to her recollections, her other half gave her an oven after recognizing she wanted to bake, and she became interested in baking after learning he liked cakes. “For the first time, my husband had to cope with female difficulties such as cramping. So it took some time, but we eventually arrived there. I wouldn’t trade him! “She said this in an August 2016 interview with Good Housekeeping. She hinted that she loved him more than anything else at the time.

Nadiya Hussain Discusses Her Relationship Dynamic

In the same interview with Good Housekeeping, Nadiya discussed her marital change and how she and her boyfriend had evolved as a pair. She said that they had come to terms with the reality that one person always contributes more to the relationship than the other. And she stated she was the one who contributed the most to the marriage for the first ten years. That was because her boyfriend was admittedly preoccupied with his fledgling job while she looked after their children and the home.

Nadiya Hussain

However, her fortunes altered when she won the sixth season of BBC’s The Great British Bake Off in 2015. She became busier than her husband, and he gratefully let her concentrate on her profession. He cleaned the house, sat at home with their three children, and pretended to be a family guy.

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