Hugh Douglas and Christion Files Jr. Death: Obituary, Cause Of Death

Hugh Douglas and Christion Files Jr. Death
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Two young individuals, identified as Hugh Douglas and Christion Files Jr., both 20 years old, lost their lives in a fatal car accident. The unfortunate incident occurred in East Point, a city situated southwest of Atlanta. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the vehicle carrying Douglas and Files Jr. crashed head-on into a utility pole, causing it to overturn.

The incident took place at approximately 5 p.m. According to police reports, it has been revealed that the vehicle belonging to the couple in question made an attempt to overtake another car at a significantly high speed. Tragically, during this maneuver, Files Jr., the driver, lost control of the vehicle, causing it to veer off the road.

As a result of this incident, two utility poles were knocked down. In a poignant display of remembrance, the ex-NFL sensation, whose name coincided with that of her deceased son, turned to the realm of social media to express her heartfelt tribute. Utilizing both Twitter and Instagram, she shared a series of photographs capturing cherished moments between the two, evoking a profound sense of sorrow.

In a recent post on Platform X, formerly known as Twitter, Douglas shared a heartfelt caption from his beloved son, acknowledging that he was already a better man than him. In 2025, both Douglas and Files Jr. are set to graduate from Morehouse College.

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