Heather Morrow and 2 others died after a crash on Highway 60

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Heather Morrow Death: Heather Morrow and a 1-year-old Maeleigh passed away following a fatal motor vehicle accident on Hwy 60, on Wednesday, November 15. According to reports, a truck crossed the center line and hit them head-on. The driver of the truck who has not been identified was also pronounced dead. According to Heather’s loved ones, she would have turned 33 in a couple of days.

According to Melissa Simpson Cates, Heather has a twin sister, Holly and she leaves behind a husband and another child age 4, her parents Eugene and Shirley McCallie, and 2 nephews. Not to mention a grandfather Kenneth McCallie who is currently at LifeCare of Collegedale and was our Board President before Eugene, as many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Zach worked for Eugene on his farm for a couple of years while he was in high school and got to know Heather’s husband, Justin, and loved their conservations. Heather and Holly babysat Zach and Zoe when they were little.

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