Hayden Wolf car accident, Bismarck ND, Obituary

Hayden Wolf car accident
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Hayden Wolf Obituary: Hayden Wolf of Bismarck, North Dakota, has passed away, he was a pre-law student from Bismarck, and joined UND Phi Delta Theta Brotherhood last spring. According to UND Phi Delta Theta, His commitment to the bond was unflinching, and he was consistently one of the first brothers to stand up and help when the situation demanded it. “He will be remembered for his outgoingness to brothers and guests, his dedication, overall knowledge of the house, and most importantly, his funky dance moves. His legacy will live on through each of us every day.”

Hayden Wolf was said to have died from the injuries that she had studied in a fatal motor vehicle accident. Hayden, a student University of North Dakota, would have graduated from the school in 2024. Due to Brother Hayden Wolf’s passing, the UND Phi Delta Theta chapter decided to cancel and postpone the celebration of the 110th anniversary. They are going to keep a limited amount of the hockey tickets they had for the event available for any alumni who have already arranged travel plans. Please contact Adam Caroscio at [email protected] or 440-781-0463 if you will be in Grand Forks this weekend and are interested in claiming a ticket to the hockey game.

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