Great Lakes Crossing Shooting: Report of active shooter at Great Lakes Crossing Mall

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Great Lakes Crossing Shooting – Multiple enforcement agencies responded to a report of shooting in Auburn Hills, Michigan on Saturday, November 9th, 2023. The Auburn Hills Police Department says that officers were sent to the Great Lakes Crossing Mall after reports of shots being fired in the business. At the time this report was made, it was not clear if the shooting hurt or killed anyone. People are asked to stay away from the area while authorities look into what happened.

According to unconfirmed report, no shots were fired at the Great Lakes Crossing Mall. Meanwhile, there was a fight among teens and someone sprayed pepper spray. The incident prompts a shooting and active shooter scare and many individuals took to social media to share the reports. “Active shooter in Great Lakes crossing!! Wff is going on with this country?? All my babies were in there!” Another person wrote “Prayers for what’s ever going on at Great Lakes crossing mall… one cop was there and we have seen a total of 5 cops going into the parking lot of the mall.”

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