Gracie Syverson Death: Edgeley ND, South Dakota State University alum

Gracie Syverson Death
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Gracie Syverson Obituary: Gracie Syverson, a longtime resident of Edgeley, North Dakota, and an alumnus of South Dakota State University has sadly passed away. She was announced dead through a social media publication that read “Please pray for the Syverson family as they mourn the loss of a talented, kind-hearted soul Gracie Syversen.” The circumstances surrounding her cause of death were not made public by the family at the time of this report.

Who was Gracie Syverson?

Gracie Syverson was a native of Edgeley, North Dakota, and a graduate of Edgeley High School. She studied at South Dakota State University and was a worker at Syversen Farms, according to her social media profile. Many people became lifetime friends because she consoled and encouraged them with her pleasant smile and attentive ear.

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