Dr Melanie Madill Death: Chilliwack General Hospital Head

Obituary & Funeral
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Dr Melanie Madill Obituary: Dr Melanie Madill, a truly service-motivated leader who seeks out areas of need has passed away. Dr Melanie Madill, the Head of Family Practice at Chilliwack General Hospital was announced dead by those affected by her passing.

Beyond her clinical contributions, Dr. Madill invests in the future of family physicians by mentoring and teaching through the UBC Medical Residency Program. Her enduring impact on healthcare in Chilliwack is a testament to her dedication, leadership, and passion for improving the well-being of both patients and providers.

About Dr Melanie Madill

Dr. Melanie Madill, a highly respected figure in her community and within the medical field, was recognized as a knowledgeable change agent. Over her 35-year career, she has actively contributed to improving health and well-being in Chilliwack, holding various roles such as Physician Lead at the Chilliwack Division of Family Practice and Medical Director for the Chilliwack Youth Health Centre.

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