Des Plaines Shooting, Orchard Place Elementary and Iroquois Community School placed on “secure” mode

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Des Plaines Shooting Today – The gunshot incident that took place in the vicinity of 2055 E. Touhy Avenue in Des Plaines is presently being looked into by the Des Plaines Police Department. At 8:09 a.m., reports of a shooting between a white vehicle and a silver/tan vehicle prompted Des Plaines Police officers to arrive to the scene. According to an initial investigation, the two cars—whose make and model are currently unknown—were driving down Touhy Avenue when gunfire occurred.

At this point, it’s unclear if shots were fired by the passengers of both cars or just one of them. As the cars entered the residential area south of the 2000 block of east Touhy Ave., the event persisted. There have been no reported injuries from the gunshot, and the vehicles left the scene before the police arrived. Two nearby schools, Orchard Place Elementary School and Iroquois Community School, were put in a “secure” status as a result of the event.

While classes went on inside the building, the “secure” designation was lifted at 9:15 a.m., at which point no one was permitted to enter or exit the building. There is no threat to the general public or the nearby schools; this seems to be an isolated incidence. The Des Plaines Police Department’s number to report information about this occurrence is 847.391.5400.

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