Dennis McKinley Was Charged With Assault By Porsha Williams


Porsha Williams clashed with her baby daddy Dennis McKinley over a dinner table in a peek for the forthcoming episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff program Porsha’s Family Matters. The issue began when Williams and her family objected to McKinley bringing a lady to their family getaway in Mexico. McKinley became annoyed when they informed him that he could not bring dates to their gatherings.

Porsha Williams and Baby Daddy’s Fight

During the meal, guests speculated that it was Williams’ aide Dominique who informed Lauren Williams that McKinley was not being true to the reality star. Domonique was questioned about it by McKinley, who said, “Yeah, you snitch. Why are you so concerned about my [expletive], bro?” Momma “It’s terribly petty,” Gina said hastily. “Immature and petty.” Williams took advantage of the opportunity to slam her fiancé Simon Guobadia. “And Simon wouldn’t sleep with his young bartender,” she said.

McKinley became enraged after hearing such words and screamed at his ex. “Shut the [expletive], dude,” he said to Williams. In reaction, she requested that McKinley and Gina be escorted out of the room by her family and staff members. “Get him out of here.” He has to get the [crap] out of here as soon as possible. “Him and his [crap] and his mother,” she said honestly. Williams’ father, on the other hand, did not back down and instead begged her to remain quiet. The heated debate finally escalated into a violent brawl. The ex-couple leaped on each other as the rest of the family attempted to stop them.

Porsha Williams’ Baby Daddy Has Been Charged With Assault

Williams’ cousin Storm, who was there during the incident, went to Instagram stories after the promo for the next episode of RHOA aired to accuse McKinley of physically attacking her. She posted a collage of four photographs revealing wounds on different regions of her body. She was covered with bruises on her neck, cheeks, lips, and knees. “I’m done being quiet, Dennis physically consoled me, and nothing was done,” she wrote in the tale, which included the hashtag “#porshafamilymatters.”

Porsha williams
Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley

Since then, the hashtag #PorshasFamilyMatters has been trending on Twitter, and several Internet users have encouraged the relevant authorities to investigate the situation. The storm also went live on Instagram to communicate with her fans and provide more information about the alleged physical attack. She confessed that she had been physically assaulted by him for many years and that she had kept quiet for the sake of her family’s reputation. The online celebrity went on to say that she had texts and other proof to back up her charges against Williams’ baby daddy.

Fans React to the #PorshasFamilyMatters Controversy

While a lot has been going on with Williams and her family, people are responding to it on social media. “The way Dennis is the hero of #PorshasFamilyMatters and Porsha is the villain,” a Twitter user said. “The issue is Porsha believed being married to Simon would make Dennis fight for her, but Dennis is delighted that he does have to deal with her shenanigans, so now she is extremely furious,” said another.

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