Dennis Keiser and Julien Reilly died in tragic accident

Dennis Keiser and Julien Reilly
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Dennis Keiser and Julien Reilly Death – Dennis Keiser and Julien Reilly has been identified as the two people that died in deadly accident that took place in Idaho Falls on Saturday 9th December 2023. The Idaho Falls Police Department provided a prompt response to an incident that had occurred. According to a news statement, they found a white BMW 550 from 2011 that was located off the roadway and south of United States Highway 20 and east of Interstate 15.

How did the accident happen?

Both Reilly and Keiser were discovered dead at the scene, which is a tragically unfortunate turn of events. Before hitting with the railing, the BMW was traveling westbound on US-20, crossing both lanes of traffic, according to the authorities who investigated the incident. After then, the truck began to roll, and it eventually came to a stop rolling on its side. There is a strong possibility that alcohol and excessive speed were contributing factors in the deadly collision, as stated in the news release issued by the police.

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