Demetrius Ingram, Deion Robinson, and Johnnie Ursery Car Accident: Ladue Students Died in FATAL CRASH

Demetrius Ingram, Deion Robinson and Johnnie Ursery Car Accident
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Demetrius Ingram, Deion Robinson, and Johnnie Ursery Car Accident: Authorities identify Ladue students killed in University City car accident.

In a tragic incident on Wednesday morning, three 15-year-olds lost their lives in a fatal crash.

The victims involved in the fatal crash have now been identified as Deion Robinson, Johnnie Ursery, and Demetrius Ingram. The boys, all 15-year-olds were students from Ladue Horton Watkins High School.

In University City, a crash took place at the intersection of Groby Road and Mulberry Lane, specifically in the 1000 block of Groby Road. In a recent discovery, law enforcement officials stumbled upon a peculiar sight – a 2016 Hyundai Accent firmly lodged into the side of an unoccupied residence.

It has been reported that out of all the individuals involved in the incident, only the driver had taken the precautionary measure of wearing a seat belt.

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