Dave Clark Death: PSAC, Union of CTEN President, Obituary

Dave Clark Death
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Dave Clark Obituary: Union of Canadian Transportation National President Dave Clark of Vancouver, British Columbia has sadly passed away. She died on Thursday 18th May 2023 leaving loved ones devastated. He was announced dead in a post made on Facebook by UCTE that says “With very heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our national president, brother, and friend, Dave Clark, who died suddenly on Thursday, May 18, 2023”. The circumstances surrounding the cause of his death have not been made public.

Who was Dave Clark?

Everyone who got to know him liked him almost immediately. Dave Clark was one in a million, and he was able to locate a soul mate amid his extensive network of connections. He was the sweetest, most kind, and most sympathetic friend that anyone could ever want to have. Dave’s biggest love and passion was for other people, and when those other people were around him, he could feel that they felt the same way about him. Because he was so generous and altruistic, everyone admired and adored him.

Many looked up to him as a role model. Not only was he kind to others, but he also had an incredible amount of patience. In addition to all of that, he possessed a wonderful sense of humor. He was a man who put in a lot of effort every day and was highly dedicated to his work. Many people enjoyed being in his company because of his perpetually upbeat demeanor.

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