Dan McKenzie Death: Utah, Military soldier has died

Dan McKenzie Death
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Dan McKenzie Death – Warrant Officer Daniel “Dan” McKenzie of Perry, Utah passed away unexpectedly. He was confirmed dead by his mother-in-law in a social media post that read “My son-in-law, Dan McKenzie, tragically passed away Monday, leaving my daughter Judy and their four small children unexpectedly without their rock. My son, Johnny, organized a GoFundMe for them which I’m sharing below if you feel inclined to contribute or share the link. Rest in Peace Dan.”

Who was Dan McKenzie?

Daniel G. McKenzie was a veteran of more than 19 years in the armed forces. Judy and Dan had been married for 19 years, having fallen in love in high school. The four gorgeous children Benson, Gracie, Kimball, and Cubby are a blessing to the couple. Dan had an incredible influence on everyone he came into contact with. He was a highly competent military man who spoke four languages and was among Ogden, Utah’s most seasoned interrogators.

He was the most loved person that has ever existed, making everyone laugh, even the most serious people. Dan was a brother-in-law to Johnny Murdock and a son-in-law to Gordon Murdock of Spokane Valley, Washington. His heart and love and strong presence will be missed.

Fundraising for Dan McKenzie’s family

Johnny Murdock is organizing a fundraiser to raise funds for Dan’s family. The fundraising page organized to raise $500,000 has raised the sum of $3,685 at the time of this publication. To assist the family, click on GoFundMe. “Dan’s widow Judy has been a stay at home mom while supporting her soldier because of her Down syndrome son Benson. She needs our support to take care of her 4 children. Dan served our country for 19 years. Now it’s our turn to take care of his family for him. Please donate what you can.” The page read.

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