Damien Medwin Car Accident: Obituary, Footy Legend Dies In Tasmania North

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Damien Medwin Obituary, Death – Tributes are flowing for the beloved footy legend, Damien Medwin, who met a tragic end in a car crash in Tasmania’s north, leaving friends and family heartbroken. Known as the “life of the party,” Medwin was a prominent figure in the NSW and NT sports scene, known for his ability to bring positivity to any situation.

Nic Bellinger, a member of the Stowport Cricket Club, fondly remembered Medwin as someone who always found a way to uplift spirits when times were tough. His impact was widespread, touching countless lives through his involvement in sports and friendships. In response to this sudden loss, Bellinger initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support Medwin’s grieving family, including his wife Bec and their children Hudson, Jordy, and Marni. Recognizing the challenging road ahead for the family, the campaign garnered immense support, raising nearly $60,000 within a short span.

Medwin, who was only 38, had an illustrious career, playing for eight different clubs across NSW and the NT. Most recently, he served as both a player and assistant coach for the Circular Head Saints Football Club. The club expressed deep sorrow over the loss of their life member, highlighting Medwin’s vibrant personality and positive impact on everyone around him.

Medwin also contributed as a senior assistant with the Forest-Stanley Football Club, where he was cherished for his welcoming spirit and unwavering optimism. The circumstances surrounding the tragedy unfolded when Medwin’s car was discovered submerged in water in Tasmania’s northwest. Tasmanian Police reported that the vehicle had left the road and ended up in the water.

The loss of this cherished figure has reverberated through the football community, with clubs like the Rennie-Football Netball Club expressing their condolences and sending love to his family and friends. Damien Medwin’s untimely passing leaves a void that will be felt far beyond the football field, a reminder of the impact one person can have on the lives of many.

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