Dale Mooney Obituary: Died After Being Punched At Patriots Game

Dale Mooney Death
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Dale Mooney Death: Father-of-two Just before 11 p.m. on Sunday, Dale Mooney, 53, of Newmarket, New Hampshire, passed away as a result of an accident in the stadium’s 300-level area. Police responded to calls for medical assistance in the neighborhood at 10:57 p.m., according to the Norfolk County Prosecutor’s Office, and “the matter remains under active investigation.”

Unconcerned spectators can be seen watching as paramedics work to rescue a patient who is out of their reach on the ground in a shot taken at the stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The films also show security attempting to disperse a brawl and medical personnel doing CPR shortly after. Joseph Kilmartin, a witness at the incident, called the alleged Miami Dolphins fan attack “hard to watch.” They briefly engaged in combat, according to Kilmartin.

Another Dolphins fan eventually came over. He gave him three punches, and the man simply turned and left. It was challenging to watch.

While speaking to Boston 10 at the scene, several other unidentified witnesses provided similar accounts of the “brutal” attack that caused Mooney to “fall apart.” One term that comes to mind is shocking, said a bystander. “I’m thinking of that man’s family,” I said. Another person said, “It’s awful what happened. The horrifying news about Mooney, a devoted 30-year Patriots season ticket holder and husband and father of two, left his wife inconsolable, and she described feeling “stuck” after learning of it. Lisa Mooney told WCVB, “I feel paralyzed; I can’t even believe this is real.” “I don’t know why people have to

“I don’t get why people must act in such an extreme manner. Why isn’t it just enjoyable? It’s just meant to be a nice family affair, that’s all. She stated that her spouse “has the patience of a saint” and that he “has no known medical condition that would cause her to faint.” I don’t know what occurred, she remarked, adding that it takes a lot to enrage him. The District Attorney’s Office stated that the inquiry into her death was going according to “normal protocol” and that an autopsy will take place soon. The event has not resulted in any arrests.

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