Court has the right to look into Governor’s actions, says Kerala HC – Kochi News

The court made this observation when a petition, filed by 15 nominated senate members of the Kerala University stating that they were removed by the Chancellor, Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, without giving them a hearing, came before the court.

After accepting the petition, the court directed the Chancellor that no new senate members should be appointed till further notice and posted the case for further hearing on October 31.

It was last week that Khan, in his powers as Chancellor, dismissed 15 Senate members for not taking part in a senate meeting called specifically directed by him to nominate one member to a three member selection panel to select the next Vice Chancellor of the Kerala University.

Khan was peeved when he found out that despite a directive, none of the 15 nominated members by him turned up and the meeting also was not able to be convened as the mandatory quorum required to hold a meeting was also not there.

Soon after this he directed the Vice Chancellor to remove all the 15 nominated members, but it was also not adhered to and then Khan himself issued the order removing all of them.

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