Coast Road Accident: 1 killed, 3 hurt in multi-car crash on A1058 Coast Road Eastbound in Newcastle upon Tyne

police line
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Coast Road Accident Investigations – Police in Newcastle upon Tyne are investigating a deadly multi-car accident on A1058 major road Thursday. According to reports, one person has died and three others have been injured following the car accident that happened on the Eastbound of Coast Road.

Law enforcement agencies were called to the scene of the incident. Multiple police cars and ambulances are on the scene where the incident occurred. Major routes leading to the location have been closed to traffic as officials work to clear the scene. Locals reported seeing at least two vehicles lying on their roofs following the collision.

“Serious road traffic accident on coast road a1058 eastbound (towards the coast) 2 vehicles on their roofs, hope all involved are safe and have walked away from this. In the meantime needless to say, traffic surrounding areas is busier than usual, please allow extra time for your journey and please be patient while we try our very best to get to you,” Regards, Team NE.

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