Christy Thompson Obituary: Delaware, Cause Of Death

Christy Thompson Obituary
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Christy Thompson Obituary: Well-known Felton Family Crisis Therapist Christy Thompson has sadly passed away. She died leaving those who knew her heartbroken. She was confirmed dead through a Facebook post made on Monday 6th November that reads “My beautiful cousin went to heaven. There just are no words. She left way too soon, but is with Grandmom now. We’re all left with wishing we had spent more time together. Love you, Christy”. The cause of her death was not mentioned.

Who was Christy Thompson?

Christy has gained a well-deserved reputation for her unwavering dedication to healing troubled family dynamics. Her unique qualities, marked by empathy, resilience, and a deep sense of purpose, have been instrumental in guiding numerous families through their most challenging moments, helping them emerge with renewed strength and unity. At the core of Christy Thompson’s therapeutic philosophy lies empathy, the cornerstone of her approach.

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