Characters From Attack On Titan That Were Once loved But Are Now despised

When it comes to the second half of the final season of Attack on Titan, fans are becoming even more divided over which team to support. A few remain staunch supporters of Eren, while others hope that his friends can help save him from this downward spiral.

It’s not absurd that fans have disagreements about certain characters. It’s understandable that characters who were once universally adored have now earned the wrath of some fans in Attack on Titan’s final season, as loyalty lines are being drawn there.

Here are eight of the most beloved characters from Attack on Titan who has since become hated.

These eight characters from Attack on Titan used to be beloved, but now they receive mixed reviews at best.

1) Eren Yeager

It’s fair to say that Eren’s current actions are unpopular with a significant portion of the fanbase. Some people think Eren’s use of genocidal intent is over the top, while others defend him and call his actions justified.

If you’re a fan of the series, you’ll agree that Eren has become something of a villain.

2) Gabi Braun

Despite the fact that Gabi wasn’t a “beloved” character in the first few episodes, she wasn’t a hated character either. This quickly changed, however, as the early episodes of Attack on Titan season four saw Gabi killing fan favorite Sasha Braus.

According to what I’ve read, while the manga community still admires Gabi’s role as a great foil for Eren, the anime community appears to have no regard for her quality as a person.

3) Armin Arlert

Armin’s lack of action in Attack on Titan season four is concerning, even if he doesn’t do anything to annoy fans. In previous seasons, Armin was known for his ability to come up with creative solutions to even the most difficult situations.

A fourth season is planned. Armin’s feelings for Annie and his new shared identity with Bertholdt have left him feeling apathetic. Consequently, some fans have voiced their displeasure with this iteration.

4) Floch Forster

Some fans of Attack on Titan adored Floch, despite the fact that the character wasn’t universally beloved. When Levi was debating who to revive, Erwin’s voice of reason resonated with many fans, who also considered Erwin integral to the survival of humanity.

The irony is that many of these fans dislike Floch’s betrayal of Paradis and his defection to the Yeagerists.

5) Annie Leonhart

Some Attack on Titan fans see Annie as a hero at the end of the story, but many others are still disgusted by her actions earlier in the series. Some people in the community admired her cool, calm, and collected demeanor, despite the fact that she was never universally adored.

The revelation that Annie was the female Titan was a watershed moment for many fans’ perceptions of the character.

6) Grisha Yeager

Fans’ feelings toward Grisha have shifted recently, especially in light of the most recent Attack on Titan episode. His killing of the Reiss family, while justified and understandable, made some fans wary of him.

This episode’s explanation of the Reisses’ killing further distances fans from Grisha, who succumbs to Eren’s pressure to kill them.

7) Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun

However, despite Reiner’s redemption in the eyes of many fans, it appears that some still despise the character. There is a path of redemption for many fans in Reiner’s internal struggle to deal with the events of Paradis and the atrocities he committed.

Perhaps even more people enjoy watching Reiner’s anguished face as he tries to come to grips with his actions.

8) Bertholdt Hoover

When it comes to Bertholdt’s atrocities, he doesn’t receive the same level of forgiveness as Reiner. With Bertholdt acting as the warrior of their tandem, Reiner and he never lost sight of their goal in Paradis.

Attack on Titan fans doesn’t like him because he can’t keep his sanity, whereas Reiner’s internal conflict redeems him.

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