Cassady Campbell Wife- Age, Everything You Need To Know About Him

Cassady Campbell is a brilliant YouTuber who has multiple popular videos to his credit. He created a video titled “What Male Body Type Do Girls Prefer?” Special Edition and this video became viral in a short amount of time. He’s also done a number of other fitness-related pranks, and some of his challenge films are incredible.

Quick Facts

Cassady Campbell Biography

Cassady Campbell was born in 1992, making him 27 years old in 2019. On the 21st of May, he celebrates his birthday. He was born in Washington, has American citizenship, and is of Caucasian ethnicity. On May 21, he celebrated his 28th birthday, and he will be 28 in 2020.

Cassady Campbell
Cassady Campbell With His Rumored Girlfriend (Source: Pinterest)

Cassady Campbell Girlfriend, Dating

This fact may make some of his female fans leap. He is now single and does not have any girlfriends. In his videos, he pranks a lot of girls. He has a lot of female friends in his life.

He shared this photo with a female buddy on his Instagram account. It’s unclear if she’s his girlfriend, but they seem great together. His purported girlfriend is dressed in gym attire, and he strikes an unusual position in this one.

Cassady Campbell Net Worth

He has a staggering net worth of one million dollars. His monthly income from his YouTube channel ranges from 3.4 k to 54.4 k, which is astounding.


He lives a magnificent lifestyle, which is backed up by his wealth. He is a car enthusiast. The video is quite amusing, and it begins with him giggling at a price tag for being so low. He then goes to a perfume store, where he immediately dislikes the smell and wants to remove it from his body.

He goes to a store and asks for something expensive, and the saleswoman tells him that she has this product priced at $45,000, and he walks out of the store stating. He approaches this individual and chastises him for napping.

The man replies that he wasn’t sleeping and that he’s terrified, and at the end of it, he says, “Yes, Chief.” He previously served as a navy officer for seven years. He was initially assigned to an aircraft carrier, as he describes in a video. The video is entertaining.

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