Callista Fisher Died: Willard MO, Harold Budnovich & Katherine Lopez injured in accident

Callista Fisher Died
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Callista Fisher Death – 17-year-old Callista Fisher passed away after a multi-vehicle crash involving a Willard School District bus in Willard, Missouri Thursday. The senior student at Willard High School died in the incident which occurred late evening. According to law enforcement agencies, the accident left two other drivers injured.

Around 4:30 p.m., a crash occurred on State Highway 266 near State Highway AB. According to investigators, the driver of an SUV pulled out of the Dollar General parking lot into the path of the westbound school bus. The incident forced the school bus driver to cross the center line, colliding head-on with a teenager of a pickup truck. She died on the spot.

The school bus also collided with a utility pole. Due to downed lines, investigators had to shut the area around the crash site. According to the report, Harold Budnovich, 68, of Springfield, was driving a 2006 Ford Explorer south when it collided with a westbound Willard school bus operated by Katherine Lopez, 52, of Willard.

At the time, there were no pupils aboard the bus. The school bus crashed with a 1995 Chevrolet S10 after the Ford Explorer and the school bus collided, according to the report. The school bus driver, Lopez, was also wearing a seatbelt and was transported to CoxSouth Hospital with minor injuries. Budnovich was rushed to Mercy Hospital with serious injuries.

Kathy Marshall Lopez the bus driver at Willard, MO Schools is a graduate of Stoutland High School. She lives in Willard, Missouri, and is originally from Stoutland, Missouri.

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