Kristyn Brooke Jacoby Barrie Ontario Real Estate Attorney has died

Brooke Jacoby
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Brooke Jacoby Obituary: Brooke Jacoby, a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana, and a partner at Jacoby & Jacoby has passed away. She was announced dead by a friend through a social media post that read “RIP Brooke Jacoby. My thoughts are with you, your dear family, and an extensive list of friends. Brooke was always just….. there throughout my 20’s. Always having a laugh at MY expense! And she was good at it! Such wit. Many concerts at Molson Park.”

What was Brooke Jacoby?

The circumstances surrounding Brooke Jacoby’s cause of death were not made public by the family at the time of this publication. Brooke’s friend his social media shared a memory of both of them at a time. “At one point, we even went to a lawyer to trademark a stupid invention we came up with that we were, 100% sure would make us millions! Thinking of you Brooke. I’m gutted.”

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