Bradley Krutz Motorcycle Accident Lincoln, NE: 55-year-old Lincoln motorcyclist killed

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Bradley Krutz Obituary – Motorcycle Accident Lincoln, NE: 55-year-old Lincoln motorcyclist killed in Thursday night crash on Highway 6 near Lincoln.

A motorcyclist lost his life and two people were hurt in a serious multi-vehicle collision in northern Lancaster County.

At approximately 11 p.m. on Thursday, September 21, emergency personnel were summoned to the site along Highway 6, southwest of I-80, in response to a report of a collision involving many bikes and at least one car.

Three motorcycles were being followed by two cars that were moving side-by-side in the direction of the west, according to Capt. John Vik of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities claimed in a press release that both cars slowed down, causing one of the bikers to suddenly brake. According to LSO, this resulted in a series of collisions involving the three riders and one of the cars.

Three motorbike riders “all lost control and crashed,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.

Bradley Krutz, a 55-year-old Lincoln biker, was declared deceased at the site, according to Vik. A 22-year-old from Lincoln and a 60-year-old from Murdock who was riding a motorbike were both hurt. They were taken to a hospital in Lincoln with non-life-threatening wounds, according to Vik.

Both of the two car’s drivers, according to Vik, remained on the site and were cooperative with law enforcement. At this moment, no one has been detained or issued a citation.

A reconstruction team is still looking into the crash and trying to figure out all the things that could have caused it. Call the sheriff’s office at 402-441-6500 if you saw the collision or have any information about it.

Along with LSO, the Nebraska State Patrol, Lincoln Fire & Rescue, Southeast and Waverly volunteers responded to the crash site.

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