Big Ounce Death: The Urban Rescue Ranch famous prairie dog is dead

Big Ounce Death
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Big Ounce Died – Biggerton Ouncerton III popularly known as Big Ounce or Ouncerton, a black-tailed prairie dog and one of three tritagonists of The Urban Rescue Ranch (The others being DaBaby and Queen) YouTube channel has reportedly passed away. He was a companion to several of the farm animals, including Uncle Ben. After his tumor was healed, he recaptured the throne and put an end to a protracted villain storyline involving his arch-nemesis, Mr. Mrs. Ounce. Now, he was the king of Ouncetopia.

The Ballad of Big Ounce

Sometime in the early months of 2022, Uncle Farmer Dad Ben had come to the aid of Big Ounce, a prairie dog. The video “Kevin vs. 30 Prairie Dogs: Who Would Win? (700k Special)” served as his official introduction. Although it had been mentioned that he was rescued after being discovered abandoned at a pet store, the audience base was unaware of his background.

His ex-wife, Plappa, was rehomed when he started stealing food from her and tried to perform a do-it-yourself lobotomy out of resentment and greed. Big Ounce has had numerous encounters with Uncle Ben’s critters, and not even the giant ratites frighten him. But the two people he hangs out with the most during the 2022 season are Gort and Quandale Dingle. They are his best pals.

The Ouncetopian War Arc began when Big Ounce was inadvertently thrown into battle against his ex-wife/husband turned arch-enemy Mrs. Ounce at the opening of the Urban Rescue Ranch’s 2023 season. Following a fierce anime battle, Ounce was forced to leave his kingdom and into Uncle Ben’s home, where he was looked after by his father, Master Oogway, and Bingus. He later managed to escape the treacherous Gulag.

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