Beth Mazur Princeton NJ died from suicide after battling Chronic fatigue syndrome

Beth Mazur Princeton NJ died
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Beth Mazur Death: The New Jersey communities are mourning the tragic death of a renowned advocate for health equity who passed away suddenly. Beth Mazur died from an apparent suicide after battling Chronic fatigue syndrome. According to Beth Mazur’s family, she suffered from the illness for over fifteen years.

Beth Mazur was the co-founder of The MEAction Network (an international network of patients empowering each other to fight for health equity). Following her death, a statement on the platform reads: “It is with deep sadness that we share with you that we lost one of our heroes and dedicated champions of ME yesterday. Beth Mazur passed away after battling ME for 15 years. She was a selfless beacon of hope and light for so many in our community and she demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the cause. We could not be more devastated.”

Beth put her whole self into the fight for equity for people with ME. Every person with ME mattered more to Beth than you will ever know. Beth Mazur and Jennifer Brea founded #MEAction based on an idea they shared in 2014. This organization would not exist without her. What she has done since then has been extraordinary. She cared about the big things–what we fought for and how we advocated, and she also spent countless hours working with individuals to improve their circumstances. She was selfless.

We will never fully know what Beth did for everyone at #MEAction and this community because she never sought recognition. She turned the spotlight onto the often-overlooked challenges we face. She wanted to help others who were suffering, and she did.

Beth was more than a co-founder, more than an advocate, more than a brilliant developer. Beth was a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a companion, and her love and selflessness are impossible to describe. Our gratitude and love for Beth will live on and her legacy will live on.

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