Ben Fonseca Death: Kendall Park NJ, Baseball coach died after battling Scleroderma

Ben Fonseca Death
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Ben Fonseca Death: Ben Fonseca, a well-known baseball coach and a player development director, has sadly passed away. He was announced dead through a social media post that read “It is with a heavy heart that the boys and I share with you that Ben passed away early this morning. As most of you knew, he fought such a gallant battle for so long. Ben made the bravest decision of his life. In true warrior fashion, he knew that it was time to rest, and so he did. He closed his eyes and let God take it from here.”

What was Ben Fonseca’s cause of death?

Ben was diagnosed with a severe case of systemic scleroderma back in 2017, according to a GoFundMe. This auto-immune disease affects the skin and internal organs. Since being diagnosed, Ben has suffered a heart attack as well as a long list of ailments affecting other major organs. In 2018, he made a miraculous comeback after what seemed like the worst decline in health in a short time. Since then, Ben’s body has taken another turn for the worse, and the scleroderma has been reoccurring. In the past year, Ben has spent more time in the hospital as a result of the disease.

Who was Ben Fonseca?

Ben Fonseca was the former coach with the Somerset Patriots and Scout with the Milwaukee Brewers before joining the Zoned Sports Academy. Fonseca, well known throughout the softball and baseball communities in the Northeast Region, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and has become a leader in player development.

Throughout his years of coaching and player development, he has had the opportunity to study all levels of play, and numerous training methods and work with a variety of training companies that allowed him to gain experience and develop players of all ages. Ben’s coaching experience has been at many levels and continues to build his resume with championships. He has won championships from the Babe Ruth leagues, Div 1, AABC, and Professional Championships.

About Ben Fonseca

Ben has been a Player Development Director at every position he has held since leaving the college ranks. He was a Player Development Director for the Atlantic League, Somerset Patriots, Diamond Nation, and Central Jersey Sports. Former General Manager for the Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, and President of the Atlantic League Joe Klein;

Ben has all the attributes of a great professional trainer including knowledge, confidence, caring, experience and above all passion for the game. Ben has also created a training bat for softball and baseball that is used by Major League teams and the US Women’s National Softball team. Ben was a beloved father, brother, uncle, and a respected coach. He was caring and dedicated to his three children Benny, Mason, and Sage. He was a native of Rock Island, Illinois, and a resident of Kendall Park, New Jersey.

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