Bad Boy Lawn Mowers Blocked Today, Bad Boy Company in Batesville, Arkansas Has Alleged Gunman

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UPDATE: Bad Boy Mowers is on lockdown today – The report of an active shooter at Bad Boy Mowers was a false alarm from a former employee who threatened to harm employees, according to an update from responding officials. As of the time of this report, all employees and the community are safe and officials have issued an “all clear”. According to reports, no arrests have been made yet.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are responding to a scene in Batesville, Arkansas, on Monday, October 16, 2023. Officers with the Batesville Police Department were dispatched to the Bad Boys, Inc. building located at 102 Industrial Drive in Batesville, Arkansas, after receiving a report of shots fired inside the building. At the time this report was created, there was no way to determine whether the report was accurate. In the meantime, people are advised to stay away from the area while officers investigate what happened.

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