Austin Woodruff Death: Marion OH, River Valley High School Alumnus died

Austin Woodruff Death
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Austin Woodruff Death – Austin Woodruff, a resident of Marion, Ohio, and an alumnus of River Valley High School has sadly passed away. He was announced dead through a social media publication that read “My heart is broke for Austin Woodruff. Rest in peace my friend. Woody you were genuinely one of a kind!” The circumstances surrounding Austin Woodruff’s cause of death were not made public by the family at the time of this publication.

Who was Austin Woodruff?

Austin “Woody” Woodruff was resident of Marion, Ohio, and the beloved son of Jay Woodruff. He was a graduate of River Valley High School. He enjoyed playing golf at Kings Mill Golf Club and was member of the RV shot and Discus family. He was a gentle giant, kind soul, and was in the church youth group in MS. Woody was described as an intelligent, kind, and talented person. He was a thrower on the RV Track Team and on RV Golf Team.

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