Austin Ham Sanford Maine Death, Heavy Equipment Operator at Cate Land Management has died

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Austin Ham Death -Austin Ham, a resident of Sanford, Maine, and a Heavy Equipment Operator at Cate Land Management has sadly passed away. He was announced dead through a social media publication that read “Six months ago, we lost Des and it was absolutely devastating. I woke up today to the heart-wrenching news that Austin passed away last night. My heart goes out to both families and all of their close friends during this tragic time.”

Who was Austin Ham??

Austin Ham was a longtime native of Sanford, Maine, according to his social media profile. He was a Heavy Equipment Operator at Cate Land Management. He was a loving son who always treated his parents with respect and consideration. His parents instilled in him the principles of honesty, hard work, and empathy when he was growing up in a close-knit family. He adopted his parents’ values throughout his life, taking inspiration from them.

He was always willing to give someone in need a helping hand and had a golden heart. He was always a reliable source of encouragement and support for his friends and acquaintances in trying times. Many people were impacted by Austin’s altruism and kindness, which left a positive and compassionate legacy. His commitment to assisting others inspired everyone around him and encouraged many to carry on his legacy.

Tribute to Austin Ham

Kadin Brown took to social media mourn the death of Austin in a publication that read “Fly high brother. Keep us safe as I know you will. Life will be dull without you. You were a man of your word always helping others before yourself. Always respectful and outgoing. Loved that about you. Burn the breaks off it up there. Thanks for always keeping it real.”

“I have known you for awhile but this summer we really got to know each other and got close and you showed me truly who you where and I couldn’t have been more proud to call you a friend, doesn’t matter what was going on or who needed help you where there for absolutely anybody for anything,” Noah Pahkaa wrote. “thus world is such a cruel place and takes the best of people way to soon but I know you’re happy now brother just make sure you’re looking down on us. love you buddy. Austin Ham.”

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