April Ihata Obituary: Sadly, Mariel Rodriguez’s Mother Passes Away

April Ihata Obituary
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As of right now, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla is grieving the loss of her mother, April Ihata.

On Saturday, December 23, 2023, the TV host broke the sad news on Instagram. She posted moving pictures of her mother and herself together, along with a message expressing her gratitude: “Thank you for always being proud of me.” Mom, go to bed now.”In another Instagram post, Mariel shared additional photos of her mother, accompanied by a brief yet meaningful caption: “Mom [heart emoji].”Advertisements

Growing up, Mariel didn’t have a good relationship with her mother; her parents divorced, and she was raised by her grandparents.

April said, “Kasi ever since naman po talaga, kahit naman siguro sinong ina, gustong makasama talaga ang mga anak nila,” in the morning talk show Magandang Buhay (2018).

She continued, “So, for a time hindi po nag-work yun for some reason, personal reasons po.

“Nung hindi na po yun nag-work, hanggang sa tumagal na po nang tumagal yung panahon, nakita ko na rin po na independent na po sila.

“May mga kani-kanila na silang buhay, parang naging sad ako kasi lumaki na sila.

“Mabuti po sana kung nung mga bata pa po nakuha ko na sila, which nagkaroon naman po ng problema dahil sa hindi inaasahang reasons.”

April revealed harboring guilt feelings for being an absent parent to Mariel and her sister.

She admitted feeling hurt every time Mariel would talk only about her grandparents, opting not to mention her mom when talking about her childhood in interviews.

“Yung mga anak ko hindi naman masisisi dahil right yun ng mga anak ko na sabihin yun dahil sila naman talaga ang kasama,” lamented April to hosts Karla Estrada and Melai Cantiveros.

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