Anthony Stinson Accident: 13-year-old hit by police car Death

Anthony Stinson Accident
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Anthony Stinson Accident Death: Anthony Stinson suffered severe head injuries when he was hit Saturday by a Suffolk County police cruiser in Shirley. He was declared brain dead Monday, his family confirmed.

According to a news release from Suffolk police, an officer was involved in an incident while responding to a distress call. The officer reportedly had her lights and siren activated and made an attempt to avoid colliding with the teenager by swerving. According to the police, a woman reportedly struck Anthony just before 8 p.m. Furthermore, she allegedly hit a car that was stopped in traffic, as well as a tree and two parked cars.

The teenager was transported to Stony Brook University Hospital, where he was subsequently placed on life support, as confirmed by his mother. The purpose of this measure was to ensure the preservation of his organs for potential donation.

The officer, whose identity remains undisclosed, received medical treatment for minor injuries. According to Suffolk police, there have been no updates as of Tuesday regarding the investigation into the crash.

Stinson was pronounced on Monday, September 11, at 1:38 in the afternoon.

He just turned 13 on September 1. Anthony loved sports and was good at whichever one he played at the time. He had a good heart and a beautiful smile.

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