Angie Sain Obituary: Kennedy HS freshman athlete Lola Sain’s Mom Passes Away

Angie Sain Obituary
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Angie Sain Obituary: Angie passed away on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with her friends, family, and community. No specific reason for the death has been given.

Sadly, Lola Sain, a freshman volleyball player at Kennedy High School, lost her beloved mother, Angie Sain, a well-known stylist at Edge Salon, passed away today, according to individuals who were touched by her death.

Angie’s friends adored the fact that she was never hesitant to display her quirky, hilarious personality. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, lived Angie. Her three daughters, Kylie, Kaliyah, and Lola, are left behind.

Who was Angie Sain?

Angie Sain was raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but she was born in Hiawatha, Iowa. She obtained her high school diploma from John F. Kennedy. She continued her education after high school at Capri College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At Edge Salon, Angie worked as a stylist.

Angie Sain was not only a loyal and loving wife, but also a bright example of what unrelenting devotion and passion can accomplish. She gave evidence that the greatest successes in life frequently come through toil and unwavering devotion to one’s family.

Angie’s humble nature and a heart overflowing with unending joy made her presence felt in the lives of people around her. She demonstrated how these traits may improve and enliven the lives of everyone who was fortunate enough to know her when they are shared with others. The lasting impact that Angie had on the globe is evidence of the transformational power of love, perseverance, and dazzling optimism.

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