Angel Gjuraj Death: Stamford, CT, has died, loved ones mourns

Angel Gjuraj Death
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Angel Gjuraj Obituary: Angel Gjuraj of Stamford, Connecticut, passed away on Monday, November 13, 2023, he was 18 years old. Loved ones are mourning the news of his passing, which they had described as unexpected. According to Angel Gjuraj Obituary, Angel graduated from Brawley High School in Mooresville, North Carolina. Angel, who had recently earned his bachelor’s degree from Mitchell Community College, eagerly anticipated continuing his engineering education the following academic year.

He cherished spending time with his family and traveling on vacations, where he could discover and gain knowledge about new locations and things. A young child, he developed a deep affection and fascination for vintage import automobiles and fashion. He and his first cousin Victor Lleshaj (buz and cuz) attended car meetings, car shows, and drifting events by traveling far and wide. By combining his networking skills and enthusiasm, he established his own car club and developed his own brand.

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