Amber Free Obituary: Rochester MN, Former Federal Bureau Officer has died

Amber Free Obituary
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Amber Free Death: Former Federal Bureau of Prisons Correctional Officer Amber Free of Rochester, Minnesota has sadly passed away. She died with loved ones by her side. She was confirmed dead through a Facebook publication that was made on Friday 19th May 2023 that says “Wow. So many people gone in the last year or so. Another friend gone. Rest, Amber Free”. It has not been determined, as of the time that this report was made, what exactly led to her death.

Who was Amber Free?

Amber Free was a wonderful illustration of what it means to be a daughter and a sister. Because she has such a contagious smile, she can light up a whole room and make people’s days that much better. Because of this, many people will be disappointed to see her depart. Because she was there, there was an unadulterated and undiluted sense of happiness in the air wherever she went. She was both one of the most courageous and one of the most beautiful persons, both on the inside and the outer.

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