Al Gilless obituary: Woman stabbed father to death, attacked brother in Horn Lake MS, Angela Campbell arrested and charged

Al Gilless Obituary
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According to the Horn Lake Police Department, a woman is in jail after fatally stabbing her father and two other members of her family.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, September 17, Horn Lake Police Chief Nikki Pullen said that officers were dispatched to a residence on Goodman Road due to a domestic disturbance.

Detectives claim that the attack happened in a corporate space of some kind. Officers claimed to have discovered 54-year-old Angela Campbell armed there.

Police reported that two members of her family, including her 82-year-old father Alvin Gilless Sr., had been stabbed.

Police say Gilless Sr. passed away at the scene. Another individual was brought to Regional One and treated for his wounds before being released, according to the police.

Campbell was detained and charged with attempted murder as well as murder.

An investigation is ongoing.

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