Afflecks Bridge suicide, woman’s body allegedly found after jumping off bridge in Kentucky

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Aflex Bridge Suicide – There are several reports and speculations on the internet about a suicide incident in Aflex, Kentucky. According to unconfirmed sources, a person only identified as a woman reportedly jumped off a bridge at Aflex on Tuesday evening. The actual location of the incident is currently unknown, meanwhile, an unconfirmed report says Sprouse Creek Bridge. There are reports, that a body was recovered by the authorities. No information has been released by the authorities regarding this incident.

Kentuckians in crisis can now connect with suicide prevention, mental health, and substance abuse counselors using a nationwide, easier-to-dial phone number – 988. Phone service providers will now direct 988 calls to the existing national lifeline with its 13 Kentucky call centers. And connection to additional crisis services will be provided if necessary. If you or someone you know is in crisis dial or text 988 on your device.

Like 911 and other national, 3-digit phone numbers, 988 was created to be easier to remember and make crisis care easier to access. Available 24/7/365 and free of charge, callers to 988 will connect with a compassionate, highly trained counselor who can help address their issues as smoothly as possible. Counselors are part of a Kentucky network of call centers linked to other invaluable, lifesaving services. This helps get callers connected quickly to the right kind of help.

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