Aaron Livingston Climber Death, Obituary: Cause of Death

Aaron Livingston Climber Death
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On Monday, September 4, 2023, the climbing community and nature enthusiasts mourned the loss of Aaron Livingston, a Tower Climber and painter at Skyline Tower Painting, who died suddenly.

He was a native of Cottonwood, Arizona. He was a certified Rock guide at Alpenglow Expeditions. He was a fearless rock climber, and he loved guiding others to follow their passion for mounting the great peaks.

Aaron Livingston Climber Cause of death

A rock that fell off the mountain’s face caused the accident that killed Nolan Smythe and Aaron Livingston.

Sadly, Nolan perished when the ledge he was perched on collapsed beneath him, cutting off his rope. Aaron’s incredible spirit and willpower are evident in his ability to survive such hardship.

Aaron Livingston’s rescue was greatly assisted by Sergio “Tiny” Almada and Jose David Martinez, two hikers, and friends of Nolan Smythe and Aaron.

They were trapped atop the mountain until the first light due to this bold endeavor, which lasted four long hours.

The Mexican Red Cross paramedics gave Livingston expert care before taking him to a clinic in Cajurichi, Chihuahua.

Who was Aaron Livingston?

Aaron was an adventurous young man who had an undying passion for climbing. He grew up in Utah, where he spent his childhood in the Wasatch Mountains. At age 5, he began skiing with his father and spent his adolescent year backpacking and hiking with his parents, which sparked his love for nature and wilderness.

His parents’ careful nurturing and support made him a strong, independent, and adventurous soul. He began climbing in 2012 and never looked back. Climbing became his passion, and mountains became his second home. After a while, he decided to help others follow their hearts in scaling the mountain by becoming a guide at the San Juan mountains of Colorado. He began climbing professionally in 2022 and joined Alpenglow Expeditions.

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